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The Bravest of Souls TrilogyNiv’leana’s serene life in the beautiful Jeweled Woods is turned upside down when an unexpected visitor informs her that she possesses great power. As an infant, her abilities were shrouded for her own protection. Now nearing adulthood, she is invited to return to her ancestral home and join the magical order of the Ael’Shanar.

In the first book, The Bravest of Souls, Niv struggles against her brutal evil cousin, Vorea, who is trying to seize control of the ancient order.  The price she had to pay to save the world is devastating.

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About the Author - Robert W. Oliver II

About the Author - Robert W. Oliver II

Robert W. Oliver II is a trade published non-fiction writer, web designer, and programmer, who felt a calling to write stories that delve into the mystical reaches of our soul. Influences include  Tolkien, Goodkind, and Orwell. Robert lives in the beautiful Shoals Area of Northwest Alabama.

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